Hello Voltage

003Well I haven’t look for new ones yet cause I got to thinking…. How do I make due with what I’ve got?

So I started digging around where all the old tractor parts were and found a delco remy starter generator, but the end was busted off. And there was a voltage regulator buried in there as well, kind of rusty, but she cleaned up.

My mother always complained, “WHY ARE THERE PILES OF JUNK EVERYWHERE?!”
In which my Dad responded, “ITS NOT JUNK, I’LL USE IT SOMEDAY, …..FOR SOMETHING.”

So I knew he was pretty good about tossing out something he couldn’t use that was shot or burned out but he would save it if he could use it or a part of it or a combination of both. So I was guessing these where in working order. I hoped. They are older than me after all.

So I knew that either my voltage regulator was shot or the starter generator was shot, or both. So I took them both off and replaced the voltage regulator with the one laying around. and then I took off the starter generator and took the good end off the one on the tractor and replaced the busted end off the one that was in the pile of “junk” and installed them both and started her up and whammo check out that meter. right over where I want it and even with the lights on. I didn’t start up the PTO as I have nothing hooked up to it but I am guessing that I am good to go.

In retrospect I wish I had done one then the other to try to better determine which one was faulty, but heck I am glad as can be this appears to be settled.

So rethink those piles of junk. Oh and I LOVE the shut off valve on the gas tank. Ford’s are so well built and thought out.


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And there was light!


Well this was a pretty exciting day in the life of Paul Miner small engine mechanic, hack, trial & error specialist.  Finally got the lights to work. Wow what a mind bender that was of testing wires, loosening wires, tightening them back up to make sure the connection was good. I did end up buying a new light switch, plus all new light bulbs but once I replaced the switch I found the older front bulbs actually worked and were much brighter then the ones I had replaced. So I put the old ones in but one broke on the way in. Ford didn’t leave much space between the gas tank and the front lights to work with.  Also the connection up there was very loose. I could turn the lights on and off simply by pressing a screwdriver up against them. I had to readjust the plates that screw the light assembly box up against the front of the tractor and tight. When tight up against metal they worked.

I also had to unscrew the voltage regulator and pulled that back and I don’t know if a connection into that was loose or something but once that was off and then back on again it seemed things worked a little better as well.

I got it done. I wasn’t going to take out the gas tank. Does anyone have a detailed schematic of the PTO Switch wiring and the light indicating the PTO is on. Its pretty obvious when the PTO is on and off but I noticed tonight while it was all apart that the wire to the light indicating it was on was disconnected. I couldn’t figure out where to connect it.  I have a few wiring diagrams but they do not go into much more detail. It just shows the PTO switch.

Ok well that’s it for today. I am sure glad to get the lights working and I hope I can find a brighter bulb to replace the broken one. I think it might be similar to snowmobile bulb. Pretty bright.

Tinker on

Well I took the battery back where I bought it and it was 100% dead. They tested it and it came back as having a bad core so they replaced it and I actually bought one with 350 cold crank amps so I hooked that one up and bam it fired right up in a snap.  So I guess we had a bad battery.

Now I am messing around with the lights trying to get them to work and I don’t think I have a correct understanding on how to use tis volt meter or else there is NOTHING coming through for power to these bulbs front or rear. I am just going to replace the bulbs anyway because I want new ones in there now and that will rule out one possible problem. I checked the ground on the switch and that seemed loose and kind of rusted so I cleaned that up and then went to try all of this again and someone stole my tractor key while I was in the house. Of course we live in a rural area with nobody around and they would have about 1 minute to run from hiding somewhere and steal the key and then run away….Or the chickens took it as they scattered unhappily when I fired it up.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAMN KEY!

Can you order keys somewhere?  I would like a 1972 Ford 120 FOB with a remote starter.

I searched everywhere around that tractor in case it fell out or who knows what I don’t remember taking it out of the ignition. I must be going crazy. 

Is there anywhere you can buy the original tires to these tractors with the original tread? My front tire has a slow leak. It goes down in 3 weeks. I would like to just buy two new front tires.

Well this has been an interesting day. 

You can also follow the restoration history on my blog: https://oldblueford120.wordpress.com/

Snow Plow Attachment


This is the snow plow attachment. I am trying to think why a snow plow and a snow blower were purchased for these. I would have figured one or the other, but both? I may need to get a little swifter and more efficient at pulling these attachments on and off, but I am guessing I am going to stick with the snow blower for the time being. I am curious to know the difference between the two stage and the single stage snow blowers. I am not sure how much I will be using this plow.

Driving around Old Blue

Well today was fun and Old Blue started right up as easy as can be and ran like a top. That 41 year old engine purred like a kitten. I drove it all around the yard and I didn’t take it out of low gear but I did use the reverse gear and it everything worked great.  I could sense Dad would have been proud I figured this all out so far and I know he was smiling down on me from up above. Miss you Dad and I am glad you taught me a thing or two.