Old Blue keeping on the family tradition

Dad with Patrick on Old Blue

Dad with Patrick on Old Blue

I have taken on my very first restoration project. Today I drove down to Cumberland, Maine and put a wreath on my Dad’s headstone. After that I went over to his house and picked up Old Blue and brought it on a trailer to my house here in Nobleboro, Maine. There are actually two tractors almost exactly alike. One has slowly been parted out and has some parts and that one is still in Cumberland and will come up to Nobleboro in time. Right now I am taking it apart and cleaning it up and just assessing what I am going to need to fix, replace, etc.
I am looking forward to this project. I am not sure how much we will use the tractor actually but I plan to get it running and keep it going as long as I can.
It is a FORD 120 serial# 3031464 The other tractor is a Ford 100. It has a Kohler Engine Model# K301 SPEC# 47238b. In the collection there are two snow blowers, one mower deck, 1 snow plow, and somewhere a dragging rake for leveling ground.
Ok That’s it for now. I will post more later and it has been a fun day actually having a project that wasn’t “work” I really enjoyed using my tools and cleaning up the tractor and it brought back many memories of my Dad who fixed everything and had a workshop where he could build or fix anything.


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