Fixing up Old Blue 120

Today I did some cleaning up of the tractor. A new battery was purchased and I am working on a new battery mounting system. I went over the whole tractor with the air compressor cleaning it up. Then I drained the engine oil out of it and replaced the spark plug. I bought a new air filter and oil of course. I plan on replacing the fuel line and the gas tank. I have a spare gas tank from the Ford 100 which is in much better shape, but the one on it is in ok shape itself. The fuel line is very old however.  I shot WD40 in all the nuts and bolts I saw and I think I may be replacing all the belts as well. They look a little worse for wear.  A good start to it as I only had about an hour to work on it today. I have my owners manual coming and I found a CD on ebay which has every diagram and manual that exists for the Ford 120.  So one step at a time.


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