Well today I worked away on it but the days are getting colder and my hands freeze up quicker.

I replaced the fuel lines. Reattached the gas tank. Took off the Carburetor and cleaned that out. I am a little concerned that it was reattached correctly.  I added the new oil and filled the fuel tank. Reattached the heat shield to the engine and reconnected all the wiring I took off to clean up the connections etc. I have the new battery base mount all built and just need to drill the holes in it and will then set the battery in place securely.  Everything seems to be going smoothly with no major blow outs yet. It should be soon, hopefully tomorrow that I start it up. I had a memory come back to me about the last time it as run and it actually wasn’t that long ago. 
My step brother Doug came over to snow blow around my Dads house while my Dads health had declined and hospice was visiting him still at home, a pulley broke on the snow blower and it died and he mentioned it to us. That was in early December 2012.  So I think it has been just about a year since the tractor has been running. Not to bad. I thought it might be a couple of years but this event is recounted quite clearly so that’s good.  I hope it starts. Ok that’s it for today, November 23, 2013.


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