Tinker on

Well I took the battery back where I bought it and it was 100% dead. They tested it and it came back as having a bad core so they replaced it and I actually bought one with 350 cold crank amps so I hooked that one up and bam it fired right up in a snap.  So I guess we had a bad battery.

Now I am messing around with the lights trying to get them to work and I don’t think I have a correct understanding on how to use tis volt meter or else there is NOTHING coming through for power to these bulbs front or rear. I am just going to replace the bulbs anyway because I want new ones in there now and that will rule out one possible problem. I checked the ground on the switch and that seemed loose and kind of rusted so I cleaned that up and then went to try all of this again and someone stole my tractor key while I was in the house. Of course we live in a rural area with nobody around and they would have about 1 minute to run from hiding somewhere and steal the key and then run away….Or the chickens took it as they scattered unhappily when I fired it up.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DAMN KEY!

Can you order keys somewhere?  I would like a 1972 Ford 120 FOB with a remote starter.

I searched everywhere around that tractor in case it fell out or who knows what I don’t remember taking it out of the ignition. I must be going crazy. 

Is there anywhere you can buy the original tires to these tractors with the original tread? My front tire has a slow leak. It goes down in 3 weeks. I would like to just buy two new front tires.

Well this has been an interesting day. 

You can also follow the restoration history on my blog: https://oldblueford120.wordpress.com/


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