And there was light!


Well this was a pretty exciting day in the life of Paul Miner small engine mechanic, hack, trial & error specialist.  Finally got the lights to work. Wow what a mind bender that was of testing wires, loosening wires, tightening them back up to make sure the connection was good. I did end up buying a new light switch, plus all new light bulbs but once I replaced the switch I found the older front bulbs actually worked and were much brighter then the ones I had replaced. So I put the old ones in but one broke on the way in. Ford didn’t leave much space between the gas tank and the front lights to work with.  Also the connection up there was very loose. I could turn the lights on and off simply by pressing a screwdriver up against them. I had to readjust the plates that screw the light assembly box up against the front of the tractor and tight. When tight up against metal they worked.

I also had to unscrew the voltage regulator and pulled that back and I don’t know if a connection into that was loose or something but once that was off and then back on again it seemed things worked a little better as well.

I got it done. I wasn’t going to take out the gas tank. Does anyone have a detailed schematic of the PTO Switch wiring and the light indicating the PTO is on. Its pretty obvious when the PTO is on and off but I noticed tonight while it was all apart that the wire to the light indicating it was on was disconnected. I couldn’t figure out where to connect it.  I have a few wiring diagrams but they do not go into much more detail. It just shows the PTO switch.

Ok well that’s it for today. I am sure glad to get the lights working and I hope I can find a brighter bulb to replace the broken one. I think it might be similar to snowmobile bulb. Pretty bright.


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