Hello Voltage

003Well I haven’t look for new ones yet cause I got to thinking…. How do I make due with what I’ve got?

So I started digging around where all the old tractor parts were and found a delco remy starter generator, but the end was busted off. And there was a voltage regulator buried in there as well, kind of rusty, but she cleaned up.

My mother always complained, “WHY ARE THERE PILES OF JUNK EVERYWHERE?!”
In which my Dad responded, “ITS NOT JUNK, I’LL USE IT SOMEDAY, …..FOR SOMETHING.”

So I knew he was pretty good about tossing out something he couldn’t use that was shot or burned out but he would save it if he could use it or a part of it or a combination of both. So I was guessing these where in working order. I hoped. They are older than me after all.

So I knew that either my voltage regulator was shot or the starter generator was shot, or both. So I took them both off and replaced the voltage regulator with the one laying around. and then I took off the starter generator and took the good end off the one on the tractor and replaced the busted end off the one that was in the pile of “junk” and installed them both and started her up and whammo check out that meter. right over where I want it and even with the lights on. I didn’t start up the PTO as I have nothing hooked up to it but I am guessing that I am good to go.

In retrospect I wish I had done one then the other to try to better determine which one was faulty, but heck I am glad as can be this appears to be settled.

So rethink those piles of junk. Oh and I LOVE the shut off valve on the gas tank. Ford’s are so well built and thought out.


002  004005



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